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Well that was fun…

Pic via Instagram thanks to @ayyolisamarie

Thanks to everyone for coming and singing their hearts out at Mercury Lounge last Friday. Wow – you guys rule. We honestly wouldn’t do this without you, dancing and singing along. Was it just me or did y’all sing louder than me during Something New??

Felt so good to bring back Driver with the Re-est. Woods. Look for some more shows this summer and we can really get down.… Read more

Welcome to the NEW Website!

Hey everyone, here it is – the new website for all things CB&TW.
Consider this your source for info and a portal to get to us on all the social channels.

2014 has been an awesome year so far, filled with bringing back old tunes, writing new ones, some great shows and a hell of a lot more. We’re pumped to keep this going, so stay in touch and stay tuned.… Read more

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